Wednesday, July 29, 2015

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"As you read this book, leave your pride and preconceived beliefs at the door. Withhold judgement until you have finished it. Have open-minded Skepticism towards what you read and I am sure you will see the foundations you once held dear slowly crumble away. James makes no apologies in this book, your worldview will be challenged and if you are fortunate enough, you will be set free from the chains of moral Realisms." — Matthew Ray

I am skeptical of claims to moral knowledge and moral facts. I challenge the so called "objective moral rightness" of moral ideologues and interrogate the proclaimed "moral imperatives" of men and 'Gods'. I demand cogent reasons for Sacrosanct "Golden rules" and put to critical examination every 'Hallowed Command'. I shall not grovel before enthroned moralisms nor bend the knee in acquiescence.
Those who say “thou shalt” to me are my arch enemies. I am a skeptic of all things, and with caution do I accept even that which seems "self—evident". No moral or political falsehood shall be "Truth" to me. Every proposition, theory and hypothesis shall be scrutinized under my microscopic lens and revealed as deluded—superstitious babel. I fling every dogma into the dung heap along with all exalted human conventions. No creed nor moral code shall be legitimized or accepted under the guise of "authority". No so called "authority" shall escape un scathed from my critical eye. I leave all Moralities and Conventions to the "herd believers" —the un questioning slave minded rabble of mere humanity. (Those who demand 'masters')
I put all Religions and constitutions, every arbitrary principle, and every 'high sounding thing' to the question. No moral dogma deified! No value judgement idolized!

I define 'Power—Nihilism' as a skepticism or disbelief of claims to objective or absolute meaning morality and purpose; and a recognition that moral dogma along with religious and political ideologies are a means of control or gaining power over others. Power-Nihilism also contends that the existence of a God or an entire pantheon of Gods is insufficient to bridge the is-ought gap or produce objective moral values and duties. Furthermore, the recognition that power, ability, and force, actuate desire or the aim of the will. That power actuates ought. (This is 'descriptive' not prescriptive.) As I see it, existence is a war of competing wills which is neither inherently good nor evil, wrong nor right, and devoid of intrinsic value or worth. For this reason, I refer to it as Power—Nihilism. Within this text I contend that:

—Objective Meaning, Morality, & Purpose Are Illusions With or Without Gods—

—Power/Ability Is The Basis of Life & Law—

—Life Is Wille Zur Macht—

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To those who have and will take the time to read my book and understand my philosophy —thank you!

—James Theodore Stillwell III

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