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Feminism As Slave Morality.

I rather enjoyed this refreshing take on Mtv's new documentary "white people" from a young female person of African ethnicity. (Here is a link to said video )  Wasn't expecting this level of common sense, rationality and 'level headedness' coming from a young person of today. Most kids nowadays seem (in my experience) to be brainwashed by some progressive anti white, anti exceptionalism which so permeates the American mainstream that not conforming in anyway can cause a white person to loose their job, their educational opportunities etc. As she mentions in the video 'white liberal colledge Professeors' demonize their un suspecting white students by drilling "white guilt" and the notion of 'white male cis gender privilege' into their young impressionable minds.
Had I encountered such non sense when I was in school I would have easily dismissed such half baked lunacy as mad inebriated ravings. My inability to not call a spade a spade and my ability to critically examine, renders me un suitable to be victimized by such psych—warfare in a colledge lecture hall.

As to watching the actual documentary (if it may even be worthy of the title) I must say that I have 'gotten around to it' and it was painfully biased and fallacious. It was time wasted that I will never get back. I did not see a single citation as to the statistics he mentioned briefly. Excuse me if I question his so called statistical studies and demand access to his sources. Had this had any actual accademic weight I would think these sources would have been provided. Obviously, none of these kids were astute enough to ask him for these source studies or question the very premises upon which this "documentary" was based. If they had I highly doubt they would have made it to final cut as they would have surely been edited out. Progressivism and feminism are yet more examples of  "get em while they're young" religions.

3rd wave Feminism is just another religion with a boogie man and a protected power class or priesthood (With its Anita Sarkesians). A religion with core dogma its daft adherents hold as sacrosanct and swallow whole without firing a single synapse. It begs to be laughed out of existence.

It uses psychological warfare (bad conscience) just like Ray Comfort and his street preacher goons and is fueled by what Nietzsche called resentment. It is a product of the slave revolt in values, an inversion of master values and a proliferation of slave sentiments. It makes whining infants of mankind, and is the opposite of all that is noble, all that is of "the higher man", all that is of what I call the 'I—Theist'. It is the glorification of victimhood. Its Puritanical hatred and suppression of human nature and biological instincts. Christianity has its "equality before God" while progressivism and feminism has its "equality before the law", an inversion of master morality.

As Nietzsche noted these types of slave virtues are clever devices designed to exult and empower the weak and the meek while denigrating the strong and the privileged. It like all slave values were brewed in the caldrons of resentment. Evangelists like Ray Comfort use  what Nietzsche called 'bad conscience' as a means to psychologically manipulate his would be converts into submission. "Have you ever looked at someone with lust?" these Evangelizers ask. They simply assume such instincts within the human animal as "evil". They demonize human nature.
That is they assume that conformity with a Sky Master's edicts is 'what ought to be' as all obedient little slaves do. Like a woman who acquires her opinion of herself from her male confessor, and a vane man who derives self worth from the appraisal of others. Thus they prostrate and prostitute themselves before any opinion which come along while the I—Theist, The un allied mind, only submits himself to his own evaluations. He is a 'value creator'.

They want to guilt others into conformity. Feminists want to convict their victims of 'sin' and shame them into thinking that privilege = bad. That being an exceptional or privileged is evil. They want to drag all that is exceptional, all that is noble down to the lowly subterranean ooze from which they slithered. They seek to demonize the "abled" and all that is of the mighty. How easy Christianity has made it for these equalitarian slave moralists. It has already laid the foundations.
"Everyone must be equal" they exclaim when in reality they are a slave revolt, a supremacist movement that is too weak to conquer by any other means than that of sneak thief manipulations. The weak and feeble cannot physically overpower the strong so instead they are cunning. But what is good & bad from a 'higher mans' or Noble mans perspective? Nietzsche's answer is 'All that heightens the feeling of power in man, the will to power, power itself. What is bad? All that is born of weakness. What is happiness? The feeling that power is growing, that resistance is overcome.' (The Antichrist, section 2)

The Christian slave class of the first century could not conquer nor seek recompense via the sword and thus the cunning lie of a metaphysical day of reckoning was concocted. The once mighty war God of the Jews was reduced to a god paradox, a god contradiction, a suffering servant nailed to a stake. It was demoted to a god of the lowly meek, and weak.
Behold The crucifix! What does it symbolize but a God of the weakling nailed to a stick?
Thus the inversion of Roman aristocratic values was perpetrated. The proud active egoic values of the noble was replaced with the reactive herd morality of the slave and vassal. Rome, that once great empire, the foundation of western civilization was soon there after reduced to rubble and mighty was its fall.
Their evaluations proved to be 'a secret path to nothingness'.

A family is a miniature society, a society an extended family. Cultural marxism has destroyed the family and now society is being rend limb from limb. Gone are the days of the faithful house wife who vigilantly guards and nurtures her young and hard working fathers who pours every ounce of himself into his progeny. Now are the days of 'child support and family law'.
Long lost are the days of familial fidelity. A once functional family unit has now become a dysfunctional hell. Marriage now only mere chum to the ever prowling 'shark in a suit'. Divorce is an industry and the State institutions, the moulder of a new generation of slaves. Children are left to blankly gaze into the flickering lights of an electric box. Their tastes formed by marketing executives. Their values dictated by the ever expanding, and ever increasing domination of the Matriarchal State.
Have ye not heard o ye resentful wives? The State will be your new provider with its cash assistance, foods stamps, Hud Housing, and Wic programs. Did your husband anger you? Have ye not been instructed that through a legal lie all that a man has can be yours without trial or evidence? Your new protector the State will even give you a free professional liar. Your very own venomous viper in tie. Such is the decline!

The type man, the strong man, that proud beast of prey who had built civilization has now been reduced to a self loathing, a groveler slave of "The gynocentric State".
Now, hath over-civilization tamed and enslaved him and imprisoned his barbarous free spirit. It has inverted his virtues through a host of appalling lies. In the end slave ideology will leave civilization in a state of ruins just as it did Rome.
Empires have come and gone, only this time I doubt there will be anyone competent enough to rebuild it. This is the era of "The Last Man".
The day of the Samurai, the Viking and Homeric hero has long passed.
Man has been reduced to a laughable caricature. Man is no longer a conquering warrior but a tamed beast in a zoo. The once proud lion is now only a domestic house kitten. His conquests and primal adventures now only consist of pixelated phantasms on a screen, his sword is reduced to a plastic controller and a couple Cheeto encrusted buttons.

In my opinion, feminism and other such ideological ilk begs to be mocked into the depths of Oblivion and exposed for idiotic dogma that it is. God is Dead and so is 3rd wave feminism. It just doesn't know it yet! If you buy into its "white male privilege" and patriarchy bullshit you are an intellectual amoeba worthy of a logic spanking in my book.
Egalitarianisms, Feminism! They are but pus filled limbs that need to be amputated and flung into the fire before their gangrene taints the rest of the body.

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To watch the video I referred to in the beginning of this essay click the link below.

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