Friday, October 2, 2015

Existence As Valhalla

In the west Christianity has dominated for over a millennia. Due to this fact, its values and ideals have so permeated the thought strands of "Society" and "culture" that most have never even thought of questioning them. For most, cultural norms, ideals and moralisms are like the air they breath, they don't think about them much nor do they stop to ponder them.
Thus countless throngs are often times unwitting adherents to Christian idealisms.
They project Christian ideals onto existence. They think that the ideal or "what ought to be" is an existence of universal peace where all of humanity is one giant "in—group", where the 'Lion lounges with the Lamb' and everyone has equal power and resources, accept for those calling themselves the "State" or "God" or "King" of course.
Whether they realize it or not they want 'Heaven on earth'. But this can never be.
Existence is force against force. This ever spinning spec in space is no Nirvana or Shangrula but is rather more akin to a kind of Valhalla, encompassed on all sides by an endless sea of deadly solar radiation, chaotic destructing stars, black wholes, colliding meteorites and asteroids. And just as in Valhalla, there is plenty of feasting and fighting. The Lion has been eating Lamb flesh for aeons.

Every species of life on this tiny blue dot is in a state of perpetual warfare. Man is not the only species engaged in an endless arms race. On this subject Pof Richard Dawkins had this to say:

"Another force driving progressive evolution is the so-called "arms-race." Prey animals evolve faster running speeds because predators do. Consequently predators have to evolve even faster running speeds, and so on, in an escalating spiral. Such arms races probably account for the spectacularly advanced engineering of eyes, ears, brains, bat "radar" and all the other high-tech weaponry that animals display.
    Richard Dawkins - "The Evolutionary Future of Man", The Economist (11 September 1993)

Nature is not "fair" nor "equal". It is hierarchy and stratification.
Alliances exist but as a means of fending off other unified forces.

"Two hungry lions may engage to hunt together, but should one attempt to seize more than his fair proportion of the prey, then it is — woe to the vanquished." — Might Is Right by Ragnar Readbeard

Warfare is not restricted to "tooth and claw". It is mind against mind, ideology against ideology, manipulation against manipulation, adapt or die!
Moral and political ideologies are a means by which even a relatively weaker force can conquer a stronger force.
The concept of 'sin' can be cleverly employed once a given system of moral beliefs (ought and ought nots) has been thoroughly imbedded in the mind of an opponent.
Once the concept of "duty" and belief in a particular flavor of  "moral rightness" is instilled into the minds of a given population, that population can be controlled and programmed to subjugate themselves to a given set of "acceptable behaviors".
To be fooled into thinking that a given system of moral prescriptions are true objective and binding is to be in a kind of mental vassalage .

As Ragnar ReadBeard put it in the days of yore;

 "The man who permits himself to be directed and mastered by the insolent moral principles of the Multitude, is like an eagle with clipped wings and broken talons." — Might Is Right, 1890.

The free man will not count himself subject to "thought legislations" or the political correctisms of the slave mob.
"Moral truths" are slave regulations and mental barbed wire. If you want to be free you must break free from the moral matrix. You must be a warrior and a skeptic. You must be the beyond man!
God is Dead and yet that pesky supstitious belief in moral truths persists.
The man who invented  "righteousness" was a conquering conman. The civilization maker a Beast Master.

"Death endeth all for every man, For every “son of thunder:” Then be a Lion in the path; And don’t be trampled under." — Might Is Right by Ragnar Redbeard

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