Sunday, April 3, 2016


"Socialism, Christianism, Democratism, Equalityism, are really the whining yelpings of base-bred mongrel-multitudes. They howl aloud for State intervention — “protection for suffering humanity” — regulated mill-grinding as it were; with the State to be their Supreme Idol, their God and Master, their All in All, their Great Panjandrum. Poor deluded base spirited “weeds.” Truly the “Curse of God” is in the very marrow of their bones — in every pump-stroke of their dying hearts." — Might Is Right — Ragnar RedBeard

SJW's are so grotesque. Watch them appease their deluded ego's by taking "selfies" and their "bad conscience" through reciting meaningless, inconsistent, sappy, half baked slogans. Half of them don't even know what Trump really stands for nor do they care.
They just parrot the disinformation mantras their liberal priests (Liberal professors & media) rammed into their rube like, uncritical faculties like good little robotic slaves.

 "LOVE NOT HATE!" they cry! But you cannot have love without hate. They are two sides of the same coin. And if you do not hate, you cannot love.
I love my children therefore I HATE those who would do them harm!
They obviously do hate and are thus hypocrites! They hate Trump and his message while screaming "Love not hate" like mindless zombies. YES! That's right! Zombies animated only by leftist empty headed buffoonery!

You cannot truly love America while not wanting it to be protected, as America is a country, and a country is not a country if it has no borders. Just like a house is not a home without its walls and doors. I'm willing to bet each one of these liberal shit stains locks their doors every night, and discriminates who can and cannot enter their abode.

This is what Trump wants to do... Lock Americas doors so that she is safe from intruders and use common sense in deciding who gets to come in. And remove the squatters who snuck in through the back door when no one was looking... That's right! ....every last Juan!

Personally, I think he doesn't go quite far enough. If you want the ants to stop invading your house you must also clean that dirty kitchen counter (welfare and other "gives me dats" programs). A wall is not enough, you must remove the chesee that entices the mice. That's right! I refer to all of these sneak thieves as VERMIN! And when there's vermin in your house who do you call??? NO not the Candy Stripers!

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