Tuesday, August 23, 2016

The Day of The Rope!

Mark Harris a liberal-regressive writes: "Do women remember when they were nothing more than one man's Maid, Cook and Nanny? Back when beating a disobedient wife was expected and condoned, and the Conservatives raged that Women's Equality would destroy Marriage and the Family, and send the country spiraling into Ruin by letting "Pretty Little Air Heads VOTE". Women have come a long way, and President Clinton will expedite their Equality." 
Yeah, I'm not sure what matrix this guy is plugged into but feminism and regressive legislation is in the process of destroying the family (if it hasn't already). In many families nowaday, kids are raised by the State and or someone else while both their parents are at work. That is if they even have two parents in their life. Single mother-hood has sky rocketed and woman initiate 70% of divorce proceedings. 
Domestic violence laws now make men an easy target, as a woman can make an accusation without substantive evidence, she will be given a free lawyer, while the man is assumed guilty because he has balls. In such cases a woman is granted a temporary restraining order based merely on her word. The man's fire arms, residence and children are stolen from him by other men with guns (The liberal-regressive-state). In fact, in most cases such orders are made permanent, and men are found guilty on the basis of the woman's claim. Nothing more! I have been told by a few lawyers that Domestic violence laws are routinely used nowadays against men in costody cases. I find it no surprise that the "MGTOW" movement is in full swing. Just look at the shere volume of MGTOW YouTube channels in existence since even just a few years ago. 
Think of it! In these modern times what incentives do men really have to get married? For many men, marriage is simply not worth the very real above cited consequences. 
As to the "woman were treated as slaves" bullshit! I'd like to see evidence of this. Let me tell you, if a woman worked her ass off all day to put a roof over me and my children's head I'd be more than happy to cook and clean for her. I'd be more than happy to have the opportunity to stay home and take care of my children. Liberal progressive ideology puts resentment in the hearts of woman and minorities. White's trying to keep blackie and Jackie down! As to the "beating a disobedient wife was expected" take note that no sources were cited whatsoever to back up this claim. This docrine is simply assumed as historical fact. Men in general have always been protective of woman. You think not? 
Every woman knows that if she screams for help multiple white nights will flock to her rescue at any given moment. Woman have been shielded from having to fight in wars. This is not the case for men. I do not believe in the doctrine of equality! Men and woman are not equal human societies through out the ages have realized that woman in general are the physically weaker sex. Plus men are evolutionary expendable as they will produce sperm throughout their life time while woman have only a narrow window of opportunity and a finite amount of eggs to be fertilized. 
Now, as to woman given the right to vote. I think men granting woman the right to vote was one of the biggest mistakes they ever made.
Woman overwhelmingly vote left, and are probably biologically more prone to pathological altruism. Who is it that we see disportionally in support of open boarder policies which has lead to the current middle eastern invasion in Europe? 
Now, as to "Women have come a long way, and President Clinton will expedite their Equality." Hillary Clinton is a lying old bag of shit. Her record has shown time and time again that If you trust in this woman to do anything other than line her pockets with special interest cash while lying to your face you are cronically deluded! Furthermore, i have said it before and I'll say it again. I sincerely hope a right wing fascist dictator comes to power and clenses this land of your putrid existence! I would loose no sleep if you degenerate slavish herd moralists were hung from Trump Tower! And why should I?
They want to sacrifice the greatness and freedom of the individual, the family, and all else to the herd. As with all other political parties they seek to use the violence of the state to subsume you under their will to power. To force you to comply with their values. Why ought I not want to do the same?

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