Tuesday, January 31, 2017

The Philosophy of Power PodCast Episode 3 — Meta Ethics & Christian Theology

In this 3rd edition of The Philosophy of Power PodCast I discuss meta ethics & Christian theology with Justin Effler who about 5 years back used to comment on my YouTube videos from time to time.
In this episode I argue that even if said entity (The Christian God) existed objective meaning, morality, & purpose would be would be illusory.
I also gave a brief outline of the Power-Nihilism philosophy.

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Monday, January 23, 2017



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This podcast is un apologetically dedicated to the philosophy of power & philosophy in general from a pro white perspective.
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The latest episode recorded features a discussion between Dion Clark, myself (James .T Stillwell III, and Brandon Lashbrook. We discussed the rise of the alt right, the Trump phenomena, a need for an alt right aristocratic leadership, the TRS doxing incident, cultural Marxism, the deleterious effects of slave religion, ideals, and morality has had on western civilization and much more.


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Friday, January 13, 2017

A Response To Trs & David Fabre — 'Political Overreaction'

My response to this TRS post http://therightstuff.biz/2013/09/06/political-overreaction/

"What a load of horse shit! Christian slave values are not the 'glue of western civilization' but rather the demise of it! Every former Christian country has now been over taken by feminism, Marxism, equalityism etc. As Nietzsche noted Christianity is the precondition for such anti life affirming phenomena. Thus Nietzsche was aristocratic. We are in the trouble we are in today because of 'bad conscience' and 'white guilt' which are symptoms of the Christian slave pocs. Socio political liberalism is Christianity stripped of its God and its values taken to a higher level of consistency. Taken to its zenith! It is the glorification of victimhood, a puritanical hatred and suppression of human nature and biological instincts. Christianity has its 'equality before God' while progressivism and feminism has its 'equality before the law.'
On this matter Nietzsche stated the '[The Christian concept, no less crazy, has passed even more deeply into the tissue of modernity: the concept of the "equality of souls before God." This concept furnishes the prototype of all theories of equal rights...'

As to your whining about individualism, we have never had any real individualism in the west (unless you consider the aristocrats of the past.) All forms of government are collectivist. Authentic Individualism is not the problem, and becoming one with the herd collective isn't the answer to our problems. The solution is not more plebeian rulership! Both the right and the left are collectivist. You are clearly a herd animal and a slave minded parasite who doesn't understand RedBeard or Nietzsche. The herd and slave ethic, and democracy (herd rule) is the problem. Word to the wise, calling something 'edgy' is not a rational argument. I see the left do this with the term 'racist.' Furthermore, even if what you've said about Christianity being 'the glue of western civilization' were true, that wouldn't make Christianity true and atheism etc false. And even if true it would still be irrelevant as people cannot force themselves to believe such outdated non sense.
I wanna point out some logical blunders committed by many in the alt right. I am constantly coming into contact with alt right, videos, podcasts etc where I hear alt righters claim that moral nihilism, anti statism, and any other intellectual position they don't like is "mental masturbation" that libertarians and an-caps are 'autistic' etc. (I'm not a libertarian or an anarch-capitalist, just a philosopher of meta ethics.)
Even if it were true that X is 'mental masturbation' that wouldn't make X false. Another claim I've noticed is that without Christianity we can't have X, Y and Z or that without religion humanity will be left in a state of vacuous nihilism. I have cogent reasons to reject these claims and yet the fact remains that I could grant all of them and that wouldn't make Christianity true, or atheism, libertarianism, and moral nihilism false.

Such arguments are what we in the field of philosophy call appeals to consequence fallacies.
Sure, moralities and religions are useful as they are power structures but that doesn't make them true. It is important to distinguish between 'utility' and 'truth.'
It's akin to arguing 'The ship isn't sinking because if it were we'd all drowned. I don't wanna die, therefore the ship isn't sinking.'

Also It is possible to have meaning, morality, and purpose in the absence of belief in 'God' and 'objective moral values and duties'.
Skepticism isn't antithetical to the goals of the alt right, however irrationality and a failure to reason cogently is a hinderance to any goal. People who fail to think rationally make the movement look intellectually bankrupt. Perhaps you have valid arguments for your beliefs. GOOD! Use those and ditch the fallacious non sense.

'A great man is necessarily a skeptic... The man of faith, the believer, is necessarily a small type. Hence "freedom of spirit," i.e, unbelief as an instinct [is a precondition of greatness].' — Friedrich Nietzsche — The Will To Power — 963 (Spring-Fall 1887)

Atheism, moral nihilism etc doesn't lead to a vacuous nothingness. As Nietzsche made clear, salve morality and passive nihilism does. Liberalism, equalityism, egalitarians, Marxism, communism, socialism, these are all slavish herd values.

I and many others are tired of alt righters who use emotionally charged rhetoric to shut down logical discourse. The alt right as a movement can be 'better' than this.

RedBeard's philosophy was not an 'overreaction' it was rather an all out assault upon the slave doctrines you value. It was a dose of realism meant to clear away the cobwebs of destructive slave idealism. What I, Nietzsche, and RedBeard advocate is an aristocratic individualism. That is a white society where intelligent individuals rule over herd and slave minded sheep like yourself. We are the true individualists, we were born with such instincts, and it is the natural order of things, that we have the ability to rule over your kind. Your kind will always demand masters and you will even invent ones where they are absent (God). Indeed RedBeard put it best when he wrote 'The “common people” have always had to be befooled with some written or wooden or golden Idol — some constitution, declaration or gospel. Consequently the majority of them have ever been mental thralls, living and dying in an atmosphere of strong illusion. They are befooled and hypnotized even to this hour, and a large proportion of them must remain so, until time is no more. Indeed the masses of mankind are but the sediment from which all the more valuable elements have been long ago distilled. They are totally incapable of real freedom, and if it was granted to them, they would straightway vote themselves a master, or a thousand masters within twenty-four hours. Mastership is right — Mastership is natural — Mastership is eternal.'

I concur with Nietzsche when he wrote that 'Basic error: to place the goal in the herd and not in single individuals! The herd is a means, no more! But now one is attempting to understand the herd as an individual and ascribe to it a higher rank than to the individual—profound misunderstanding! ! ! Also to characterize that which makes herdlike, sympathy, [or empathy] as the more valuable side of our nature!
That every will must consider every other will its equal would be a principle hostile to life, an agent of the dissolution and destruction of man, an attempt to assassinate the future of man, a sign of weariness, a secret path to nothingness.' — Friedrich Nietzsche

Your kind advocates the kind of values, ideals and societies which benefit you, which grant you power, we 'UnAllied Minds' do the same as life is will to power. Power is the means by which ideals and goals are actualized and thus all life seeks power. (For more on this see my book concerning meta ethics available here http://www.power-nihilism.education)

You trs people think that you can house opposing values under one roof. You are mistaken. You are a false unity. A house divided will eventually fall.
Master morality and slave morality cannot coexist under one umbrella. Christianity is a destructive life denying system of lies (myth) and values. The west doesn't need religion! God is dead! The solution to our problems is not to shrink back into irrational mythology. Let your will say "the I-Theist is the meaning of the earth."
What the west needs is Active Nihilism (what I call Power—Nihilism) not Passive Nihilism (Slave religions, ideals and moralities)"

'Mankind is aweary, aweary of its sham prophets, its demagogues and its statesmen. It crieth out for kings and heroes. It demands a nobility — a nobility that cannot be hired with money, like slaves or beasts of burden. The world awaits the coming of mighty men of valor, great destroyers; destroyers of all that is vile, angels of death. We are sick unto nausea of the “good Lord Jesus,” terror-stricken under the executive of priest, mob and proconsul. We are tired to death of “Equality.” Gods are at a discount, devils are in demand. He who would rule the coming age must be hard, cruel, and deliberately intrepid, for softness assails not successfully the idols of the multitude. Those idols must be smashed into fragments, burnt into ashes, and that cannot be done by the gospel of love.' — Might Is Right — Ragnar RedBead