Friday, February 10, 2017

The Philosophy of Power PodCast Live Episode — On Slave Morality

In this 5th special live edition of The Philosophy of Power PodCast (philosopher) James Stillwell and (host of Radio wehrwolf) Dion Clark discuss slave morality and its impact on modern ideals and moral sentiments. James begins by reading verious articles concerning slave morality so as to clearly define what it is and what it is not. He also plays a video clip from a recent Milo interview which illustrates how slave morality creates protected identity groups while simultaneously demonizing the white majority. He then plays a video from fellow philosopher and youtuber 'Ontologistics' which illustrates that equality, utilitarianism,  contractarianism, the 'veil of ignorance' theory are products of slave morality. Dion and James then spend the rest of the show discussing these and a few other topic related to the effects of slave morality on western civilization such as 'bad conscience', 'white guilt' and 'pathological altruism' etc.

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Tuesday, February 7, 2017

The Philosophy of Power PodCast episode 5 2/9/17

Don't miss the first ever live episode of The Philosophy Power PodCast on Thursday at 8pm eastern time. The episode topic will be "slave morality." It will be a joint show, 2 shows in one, as we will be broadcasting live on The Philosophy of Power PodCast YouTube Channel linked here
It will also be an episode of Radio wehrwolf linked here hosted by Dion Clark
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Sunday, February 5, 2017

The Philosophy of Power PodCast episode 4 — A conversation with Libertarian Realist

In this 4the edition of The Philosophy of Power PodCast I and race realist youtuber/blogger 'Libertarian Realist' discuss the alt right, leftist indoctrination via media, academia etc, the demographic decline of white countries and the constant influx of non white invading hordes. We also briefly discussed Slave morality, bad conscience and white guilt, and moral nihilism vs moral realism.
It was through Libertarian Realist (Brad) and his videos that I was introduced to race realism (race iq and violence crime statistics). I would like to encourage my readers and subscribers to subscribe to his YouTube channel and follow his blog which are both linked below. I would like to thank Bradley for taking the time to come on the show and for his many contributions to 'the war of ideas' and I hope he will come back on the show in the near future.

Libertarian realist YouTube channel
Libertarian Realsit website

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