Saturday, May 6, 2017

Argumetum Ad Moral Nihilum

Dear Antifa and other SJW morons.

As a philosopher of meta ethics I hereby inform you that it is fallacious to derive a prescription from the fact that one group of human primates (or their ancestors) enslaved another group of human primates. This is known as an is-ought fallacy. You cannot logically deduce oughts from facts.

Thus your assertion that "Every descendant of the European invaders has a debt to pay to the slaves that were uprooted from their native lands and forced to build this nation under bondage." is logically untenable.

Also, you are assuming slave value premises such as "equality is good" and "Boo slavery!" etc and as values can only be assumed they can also be rejected out right.

It Tis not contrary to reason to prefer inequality over equality, slavery over freedom, nor 'the destruction of the whole world" over "the scratching of my finger." (See Hume's Treatise On Human Nature.)

Also, as morality is based on subjective sentiment rather than facts and reason, and all oughts are based upon value premises (an if clause) there are no moral imperatives.
Thus all morality is subjective and your moral arguments are without foundation. In fact, it is logically impossible to argue about values, and only possible to dispute about questions of fact. (See Language, Truth & Logic Ch 5 by A.J Ayer)

Argumentum ad moral nihilum

Premise 1. Moral terms are non cognitive expressions and thus non propositional or truth apt.
Premise 2. "Injustice" is a moral term whose referent lacks in-the-world-properties.
Premise 3. Justice is also a moral term.
Premise 4. There are no moral imperatives (categorical imperatives) only hypothetical ones.
Conclusions, therefore "injustice" does not exist.
Therefore racial "injustice" is "evil" is un-true.
Therefore there is no such thing as "social justice".
Therefore there are no social justice warriors, only deluded primates who use these non cognitive terms as though they actually described in-the-world-properties.

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