Saturday, June 16, 2018

Real Atheology Is Cheap Sophistry.

1. Nothing “has” value. Valuing is what minds do not an in the world property. 
2. There are no “moral truths” with or without Gawd. Certainly no necessary moral truths. And I challenge you to put forth a single example of one. 
3. There are no such things as “intrinsic values” if by intrinsic you mean “inherent”. Truth and “happiness” may be valued, but they aren’t values.
4 I reject the proposition that truth is valued for its own sake. 
Truth is valued to the extend that it grants one power, ie some sort of advantage. It is a means. The will to truth is merely one of the many guises of the will to power. 
Suffering is not to be devalued, as suffering is often a means to other valued things, like strength, greater complexity, endurance, appreciation etc. What doth not kill one, makes him stronger.
5. There is no such thing as a “moral authority”. Authority is pure mythology. 
There is no one that anyone ought obey independent of an If clause aka (desires of a subject). 
Real atheology is real autistic sophistry just like Christer apologetics. 

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